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My Process


Evaluating & Treating Patients

Patients come to us at different points along the spectrum from disease to optimal health.

Diagnosed Disease

If patients come to us with a diagnosed disease, we are collaborative with our patients’ other medical providers, and our goal is to move patients out of the disease state and back into balance.  From here, we can move further along the spectrum to optimal health and wellness. The body has innate mechanisms to restore balance and health.  If we can provide it with what it needs and remove obstacles to proper function, it can heal.

Maintaining & Improving Health

Alternatively, many patients come without diagnosed disease, with the desire to maintain health and even take their health and wellness to the next level.  Wherever patients are on the health spectrum,

1. We begin with a comprehensive laboratory evaluation that allows us to peer below the surface and into a patient’s body.

2. Next, we marry this laboratory data with a patient’s medical history, symptoms, exposures, lifestyle, and health goals.

We seek to restore balance in areas such as bodily energy, gastrointestinal function, mood, sleep, mental clarity, and so on.

The Fuel Tank & The Engine

We look at the hormones and nutrients as the body’s fuel tank.  The mind and the body are the engine.  There must be balance between the body’s fuel tank and engine, between what we are asking of the body/mind and what it has “in the tank.”  We aim to optimize hormone levels, nutrient levels, and gastrointestinal function. In addition, we teach patients scientifically validated techniques to help them slow down the speed of their engine, so that whether they are facing stressors such as a natural disaster or just a traffic jam, they can respond in a way that maintains their body’s optimal physiology.  This helps them use “less fuel” and gives them access to all of their internal resources, even while facing a challenge.

Achieving Vibrant Health & Hitting Goals

Once patients begin to feel better, when their fuel tanks are full again, we can then more deeply address processes such as detoxification, thereby further removing obstructions to vibrant health.  We aim to provide you with the awareness of what is possible for your health as well as the tools to get there and guidance along the way.  A person must first want to be healthy.  Once the desire is there, we are here to form a partnership with you and help you achieve your goals.

“A man (or woman) with his health has 1000 dreams; a man (or woman) without it has only one.” 

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