What to Expect at My Annual Wellness Visit:

Medicare now offers Annual Wellness Visits, which focus on preventive Services and personalized plans to talk about what matters most to you regarding your health. The AWV is an appointment that Medicare introduced to promote preventive care, and to make sure that you have time to discuss topics that are not usually covered in a regular office visit. Our goal for the visit will be to create a healthcare plan that makes sense for you.

The AWV does not include a physical exam, but instead focuses on identifying your health needs, to make sure that you are receiving all the possible healthcare you need in order to stay healthy.

There may be resources or necessary services that you are not currently receiving. The AWV helps us find a way to give you what you need to stay healthy.

It is our responsibility to make sure that you are receiving all of the necessary services that you are entitled to, that you have all of the medication you need, and that nothing is being missed.

To make best use of your time during the visit, please be ready to discuss and have ready:

  • Your family health history
  • A list of other doctors you have seen in the last five years
  • Please bring all medications, vitamins and supplements you are currently taking
  • Any health concerns or your priorities for the year

Please select one of the options below to have your intake forms filled out prior to your visit.

Or fill out and submit intake form below:

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