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Looking for a New Primary Care after HCA Acquired Mission Health?

Since the HCA takeover of Mission Health, two clinics have closed and over 50 doctors have left. Learn about trusted, local alternatives to care for you here.

Looking for a New Primary Care after HCA Acquired Mission Health?

If you received medical care at Mission Health, you’re most likely looking for a new primary care provider.

HCA Healthcare completed its acquisition of Mission Health in early 2019. Since then, several clinics have closed, and many doctors have left Mission Health.

It’s been about two years since the HCA Healthcare takeover. If you received treatment at Mission health, the changes most likely affected your access to services.

Fortunately, however, you have options. The physicians of Blue Sky MD Health are here to help.

To learn more about HCA primary care alternatives if your PCP practiced at Mission Health, continue reading.

The Tide of Change at Mission Health
In late February of 2021, Channel 13 covered the story of Dr. Kate Rasche and other Mission Health physicians. Rasche was a physician lead for the Mission Health primary care office in Haywood County.

The physician expressed to reporters that she loved her job at Mission Health. However, expresses the doctor, things changed when HCA Healthcare took the reins.
Before HCA Healthcare, Rasche says that she understood the challenges of maintaining a profit in the primary health care space. Nevertheless, the doctor says she accepted all insurance types and payers.

When HCA Healthcare took over, however, things became drastically different. The management company was solely interested in Mission Health’s financial data. The company didn’t seem to care much about the health of the Haywood County community.
With HCA Healthcare in charge, the focus has shifted away from ensuring the health of the citizens of Western North Carolina. Instead, decision-makers are more interested in the health of HCA stockholders. For these reasons, says the doctor, she wanted to tell her story publicly.

In the two years since HCA Healthcare has taken control of Mission Health, Dr. Rasche says that she’s seen dwindling support for doctors. The management company is taking away the tools the doctors need to ensure patient health for the sake of profit.
The Exodus of Mission Health Physicians

Channel 13 interviewed several doctors over the course of three months prior to its story about Mission Health. Reporters found that many physicians have left since the announcement of the HCA Healthcare merger. Another 16 of 21 doctors at Transylvania Regional Hospital plan to leave as well.

After taking over the institution, HCA Healthcare offered physicians contracts that included 10% to 15% pay cuts. Many physicians responded by seeking employment elsewhere.
So far, 55 doctors have left care facilities in the area taken over by HCA Healthcare. What’s more, these are only confirmed resignations.

It’s possible that there are more. When physicians leave their posts, it affects patients’ health.

In the Channel 13 story, a Mission Health patient expressed that he was shocked and upset by the turn of events. He’d received care at Mission Health since moving to the area in 2004.

Mission Health patient Mike Martinelli recalls receiving a letter after the HCA Healthcare takeover. The letter explained that all six Vista Family Health physicians were leaving Mission Health to start a new practice. 

These kinds of sudden changes create uncertainty. However, the physicians of Blue Sky MD Health are here to meet the needs of the community.

Troubling Times for Haywood County Patients

Quite a few changes took place during the first week of the HCA Healthcare takeover. The health care management company’s first change was to close two primary care clinics. HCA closed one clinic in Biltmore Park and another one in Candler.

Another physician, Dr. Tim Plaut, expresses that he was shocked to learn that the clinic he loved was shutting down in only 45 days. The doctor told Channel 13 reporters that the closing created significant hardship for his patients.

The two clinics treated over 7,000 patients. Many of those patients did not have insurance coverage. Now, Dr. Plaut worries that patients will have difficulty transitioning to a new clinic.

Shortly before the closure, Mission Health leaders told Plaut that they would soon contact patients about transitioning to other nearby primary care providers. Still, he’s concerned that some patients may have fallen through the cracks.

The doctor expresses that patients face challenges when clinics close. For example, some patients may have a hard time finding transportation to another clinic that’s further away.
Fortunately, the best primary care doctors are just a phone call away if you need a new PCP in greater Hendersonville.

Hope on the Horizon

Blue Sky MD Health is your partner in health and wellness in our county. We’re there when you need us the most.

At Blue Sky MD Health, we believe that wellness is about more than healing existing conditions. Good health is about preventative medicine that keeps you safe and healthy.
Blue Sky MD Health providers are truly invested in your wellness. We’re your partner in wellness and health. We’ll provide you with up-to-date holistic care that empowers you to enjoy the best health possible.

We’re currently accepting new patients at both our Hendersonville location and Sylva location. Please feel free to call today or schedule an appointment online. We’re also accepting same or next-day appointments for urgent care needs.

Blue Sky MD Health is an in-network health care provider with most major insurers. Also, we practice both traditional and integrative medicinal methods. Our physicians will provide you with exceptional primary care, no matter your walk of life.

We invite you to experience our brand of personalized care. It’s our mission to serve as the new standard of primary care in Hendersonville.

A Vision for the Future of Healthcare in Hendersonville

With Blue Sky MD Health, you can experience the best in everyday health. You might wake up with the flu. Alternatively, you might notice that you have a questionable rash.
At Blue Sky MD Health, we diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions. Here, you can receive the care that you need.

We also offer virtual Telehealth visits. Telemedicine is covered by all insurance carriers. With this technology, you can receive care from the comfort of your home.

Blue Sky MD Health physicians are greatly experienced in women’s health. Our physicians provide integrative medicine and services for female patients. They’re also well experienced and children and family medicine.

At Blue Sky MD Health, it’s our goal to foster family health. As a result, we’ve created a nurturing environment for whole families.

When you seek primary care at Blue Sky MD Health, you’ll notice a difference right away. Our physicians take the extra time needed to allow for quality treatment.

Blue Sky MD Health physicians are exceptional caregivers. They enjoy taking the time to find out your real health needs.

The physicians at Blue Sky MD Health are your partners in maintaining your well-being. They look forward to helping you navigate life’s health challenges.

The Best Primary Care Providers in Hendersonville
In addition to primary care, Blue Sky MD Health offers a variety of specialty treatments. For example, we offer a full range of women’s health care.

Our experts provide women with preventative services. They also provide female patients with accurate diagnoses and outpatient treatments.

Whether it’s a simple or complex health issue, our physicians will put you on the right track. We’re pleased to offer the best in women’s health services in Hendersonville. Whether you need vaccinations or screening, our care team will ensure that you have the best care possible.

Take, for instance, Dr. Alyson Miletich. She holds a firm belief that good health is more than the absence of disease. She understands that there are several paths to vibrant health. More importantly, she believes that good health is possible for everyone.

At Blue Sky MD Health, we also offer exceptional service for our male patients. We believe in working as a team to help men get on board with caring for their health. Here, male patients can receive care for everything from common illnesses to chronic conditions.
However, we believe that health care isn’t just for when you’re sick. We also help to prevent illnesses in the first place to support optimal health.

Our dedicated nurse practitioner, Kirk Wahtera, at our Sylva, NC location can help you learn more about wellness. He’ll provide you with the training that you need to maintain the best health possible.

Trust Us with Your Primary Care Needs
Now you know more about HCA primary care alternatives to Mission Health. We welcome you to join our family at Blue Sky MD Health!

Blue Sky MD Health provides comprehensive primary care. We’re on a mission to restore and maintain your optimal health.

At Blue Sky MD Health, your road to wellness begins with getting to know what makes you healthy and complete. Our holistic approach will provide you with the right screening tests and preventative treatments. We’ll also guide you in lifestyle changes to help you maximize your immediate and long-term health.

Contact Blue Sky MD Health at (828) 693-3344 or schedule an appointment today to start enjoying the healthiest, happiest life possible.

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