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Restore Function & Comfort With the Vampire Wing Lift

A simple, effective solution for the natural sagging of labia.

Don't You Wish Your Mother Had Told You About This?

As we age, the fat in our bodies shifts and redistributes—even if we’re relatively healthy and lean in the first place. One of the most common things that no one talks about is the “deflating” effect that happens to our outer labia when that fat shifts. 

Avid cyclists are often the most comfortable talking about this because they notice the effect it has on their day-to-day lives. When the labia aren’t as plump as they used to be, it actually changes the way cyclists sit on a bike. 

For the rest of us, this change may happen slowly enough that we don’t notice right away how our bodies have changed or the inconvenience and discomfort we might feel wearing our favorite leggings, going to a great spin class, and beyond.

The Vampire Wing Lift is an innovative application of two well-known, well-studied, and proven procedures to address this challenge so women can get back to living life to their fullest.

The Solution for Plump, Healthy Labia

A combination of your body’s own blood and dermal fillers combine to rejuvenate the outer labia back to the natural shape of your younger self. Most importantly, it’s available in your doctor’s office, with no pain and no downtime.

How it Works

After a consultation with your doctor, we’ll decide if the Vampire Wing Lift is the right solution for you. If it is, here’s what you can expect from the procedure: 

    • A little bit of your own blood is safely harvested from your arm. 
    • We collect your blood proteins and mix in the selected dermal fillers. 
    • The labia are numbed using a topical cream.
    • Your doctor will inject the mixture; you won’t feel any pain.
    • Your body gets to work developing new collagen, new blood vessels, and new fatty tissue—ultimately resulting in the plump, healthy labia you enjoyed in your younger days.

All That & Increased Sexual Pleasure, Too? YES!

This procedure helps women feel better every single day—many women who opt for a Vampire Wing Lift also report experiencing increased sexual pleasure thanks to the increased surface area and blood flow of their newly rejuvenated labia.

Happy Labia, Happy Life

Don’t let natural sagging get in the way of living your life to the absolute fullest. If you’re experiencing discomfort as a result of naturally deflating labia due to aging or weight loss, the Vampire Wing Lift provides a solution. Our expert team of doctors is ready to help you decide if this is the right solution for you.

Find Out if the Vampire Wing Lift Procedure is Right for You

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