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Gynecology Hendersonville



Your OB Gyn Doctor in Hendersonville, NC

Board Certified obstetrician-Gynecologist

Dr. Alyson Miletich, Blue Sky MD Health’s board certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist is your go to provider for General Gynecology, and Women’s Healthcare in Hendersonville and Western North Carolina. Dedicated to providing exceptional physician care to women, Dr. Alyson Miletich strives to help her patients achieve a whole health lifestyle by combining multiple modalities including general physician care, integrative health, and drawing on her unique background.
She understands that there are many paths to vibrant health and that it is possible for all of us. Optimization of nutrition, sleep and circadian rhythms, hormones, detoxification, and mind/body/spirit balance is essential to this pursuit, and the ability to leverage epigenetics within these areas is a powerful tool.

Searching for an Gynecologist Near You? Look no further – you’ve come to the right place for the best care.


Blue Sky MD Health’s gynecology experts provide preventive services, accurate diagnosis and outpatient treatments for common and complex disorders of the female reproductive tract. Your care team may include physicians, physician assistants and advanced practice nurses.

General Gynecologic Care:

• Well woman preventive care
•  Pre-menopausal & Menopause evaluation
• Adolescent gynecology and counseling
• Pap smears and cervical cancer screening including HPV testing
• HPV vaccinations
• Pre-conceptive and contraceptive education & treatment
• Birth control options
• IUD Procedures (removal or insertion)
• STD screening and treatment
• Urinary incontinence treatment (bladder control problems)
• Abdominal cramping
• Treatment of endometriosis
• Treatment of ovarian cysts
• First trimester screening for fetal abnormalities
• Hormone replacement therapy
• Vaginal and urinary infection evaluation & treatment
• Evaluation of abnormal bleeding
• Evaluation of abnormal pap smears
• Pelvic pain evaluation

• Infertility evaluation and treatment
• Premenstrual syndrome management
• Diagnostic ultrasound
• Lab tests
• Hormone testing

Annual Wellness Exams

An annual gynecologic (GYN) exam is a routine checkup to ensure that you’re healthy inside and out.

It’s one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself because it can help detect certain health problems as well as prevent future ones from developing – building a foundation of health and wellness for all the stages of your life.


Exams May Include:

• A comprehensive assessment of your current health status.
• Breast Exam
• Pap tests
• Adolescent and adult gynecology
• Contraception, including IUD’s

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